Railways in Wharfedale - A Signalman's Reflections by F.W. Smith

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F.W. (Bill) Smith started his railway career unofficially by befriending several signalmen along the Wharfedale Lines of British Railways (Leeds and Bradford to Ilkley and its now defunct extensions to Skipton, Otley and Grassington). He often operated their boxes for them – sometimes even without supervision. After a career change from the optics industry, Bill joined British Rail as a porter-signalman at Embsay – moving on to positions as signalman at Burley Junction and Ilkley. During this time he also worked as lampman at various locations and operated the now-forgotten signalboxes at Grassington and Milnerwood Junction. His book is copiously illustrated with b+w photographs – many of great historic interest and taken from vantage points to which the public had no access.

Self-published. Softback. 194 Pages

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